Remote Shutter Release Options

by Dirk Moeller

It seems there isn't much choice on what to use if you want to trigger the Sony A7r remotely. Sure, you can use the Sony Playmemories App

(and the Oscar for the worst App name in Photography goes to...)

to connect the camera via Wifi, see the Liveview on your phone/tablet and trigger the shutter remotely. 

That does only work with pre-selected shutter times. It does not work in bulb mode (B), which is needed for anything north of 30 seconds of exposure.

Sony is supposed to release remote cable or wireless controls, but they aren't available yet. There is one option that comes with a tripod, but then you do pay for the tripod as well. No thanks. 

Turns out, the answer for this dilemma is, as always, hidden on the internet: you can use an infrared remote control which has the charme that it does not suck your batteries dry on Wifi. 

JJC IR-S1 is the name of the unit I bought. Costs 9 Euro, comes with a battery and two buttons: 2S and S.

Click on the S button and the shutter fires. If you are in B mode, it stays open until you press S again. Shure, you need a watch for LE exposure control. Did I mention it comes with a battery?

2S does exactly the same, with two seconds delay. 

I love simple stuff.