"Free Comic Book Day" and Cosplay in Hamburg

by Dirk Moeller

My friend Volker runs the Comic Book and Manga/Anime Shop Sakura / Eldorado here in Hamburg and when he posted earlier this week that Saturday would be "Free Comic Book Day and Chisaii Meetup" on the same day, I thought to myself it might be a nice opportunity to take some portraits of colourful and fun people.

Sakura - truly an Eldorado for fans of the genre.

Volker and his "Only girls" staff. Coincidence? 

The employees have a acquired taste in foot wear.

When I showed up shortly after noon (basically just after the shop opened, it's a Comic Book Shop after all), it was already buzzing with people looking for free stuff and roaming through the store, looking for something to complete their outfits or collection.

Hmm, what to buy? ;)

Outside a small crowd gathered and I went outside and asked if anyone would like to have their portraits taken?

Lady with the parasol.

I learned quickly that the hair is of major importance. It just has to be perfect, right like the original hero's look.

Nice pinkish hair.

Booker DeWitt - Bioshock Infinite

Look at the eyes!

Sometimes it's hard to have horns!

Zombie Killing Cheerleader.

It's quite hard to do some nice portraits without a neutral/nice background, but we made do.

Wait a second...

Ah, now they are complete!

Friends...? Or foes?

Okay Booker, this is... interesting.

Scarlet Flower right there.

Look at all the beads!

This looks familiar...

Interesting mask...

Awesome blue hair is awesome!

I tried something new in between, shooting really close close-ups with a LED light mounted on the front - works best with people who wear contact lenses.

Two different kinds...

A Lady with fangs.


He also wore a top hat (not in picture).


The hottest series at the moment: Attack on Titan!

Here are some members of the Survey Corps:




Group Shot.

So, that was my Saturday Afternoon, which was a whole lot of fun. Big thanks to all the wonderful Cosplayers who agreed to model for me and to Volker providing a cool place to meet for Comic Book Afficionados and Fans alike. 

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you're one of the Cosplayers and want your photo, drop me a line and I'll put the large photos up for download.

German: Wenn Du einer der Cosplayer bist und Dein Foto in großer Auflösung möchtest, dann schick mir eine kurze Nachricht, ich stelle die großen Fotos dann irgendwo zum Download bereit.