The Vernissage

by Dirk Moeller

Start of the week my good friend and artist Mia Florentine Weiss asked me if I would do her a favour and shoot some "behind the scenes" material for the upcoming exhibition she was featured in.

I turned up on Wednesday while they were in the middle of unpacking.

Mia Florentine Weiss

Fellow artist Ali Eckert is helping out

The show is organized by Jenny Falckenberg's Unique Art Concepts and opened two days later on Friday in a Midnight Vernissage.

PR shot of Jenny Falckenberg and Mia Florentine Weiss

Interesting fact about Mia's art, where not everyhing is as it seems - this sculpture spelling "love" from this side, turns into hate in reflections or if you look at it from behind.

Jenny and Mia unpacking

What I didn't know: the "Hanging" is the essential part of an exhibition. While some artists have a clear concept of "what is supposed to hang where why", there is also a lot of input from the agency. It's a process that creates a unique look fitting for the location.

A lot is discussed on site

Ali Eckert has unwrapped the first of his large pictures - Mia and Martin Gremse are keen to have a first look

The hanging part - taken literally

After seeing how much work went into the preparation and how much fun was to be had, I was excited to see the result on Friday night.

First of all - here are some shots of the final setup, shortly before the Vernissage opened.

The lighting by Martin Gremse plays an important role

Pegasus series

Sculpture, photos and video in the mix

Photos by Ali Eckert - I like the idea of rough black paint borders to enhance the contrast

The colourful paintings of Christian Awe

The press arrived...

Finally, the first guests arrived and so did great musical entertainment in the form of Mousse T.

Mia, Mousse T. and Jenny

Mousse T. appreciating Mia's "Muttertier", only seconds before his battery went flat :)

The first guests arrived - the first of over 300 in the next hours...

Here are some impressions.

A rare moment of solitude.

 The size of the whole exhibition floor is massive.

The size of the whole exhibition floor is massive.

The "secret" bar in between the rooms...

One happy Hostess: Jenny Falckenberg