Analyze your Lightroom Library with ease using this Plug-in

by Dirk Moeller

I watched Fro's RAWtalk and they mentioned during the photo news a plug-in for Lightroom that analyzes the metadata from your library or, alternatively, a selected set of images.

You can find it under Lightroom Analytics and it is a free download. The result comes as a CSV file and a json file, which then can be used with the also free data viewer that works in your browser. 

It's fairly simple: open the HTML file in your Chrome or Mozilla browser and drag the json file on there: bang - pie charts all the way :)

Even for me using Leica cameras it holds interesting information. (There's no connection between lens and camera, which means the camera guesstimates the aperture and I have to manually enter what type of lens is connected or have the lens coded with a 6 bit code - so everytime I forgot to switch lens info or didn't bother, it will register false values)

For example, here's how I use my lenses. 

 We have a winner! 50/F1.4

We have a winner! 50/F1.4

I think there is a reason why my go-bag has the 50, 28 and 15 in it. Or is it the other way around, do I use them so often because I have them with me?

 The clear favourite: 1/60 of a second.

The clear favourite: 1/60 of a second.

So, there you are: free plug-in, good info, easy to use. What more would you want? 

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