24mm in a Field or "Gestrypfotografie" at it's best.

by Dirk Moeller

I've spent some time in a field, testing my theory that a wide angle shots should include a nice bit of foreground to gain pleasantness. Here are my results in "Field Photography", all shot with the Leica Elmarit-R 1:2,8/24.

A Rapeseed field with Poppies.

Same field, works nicely in portrait mode, too.

One big advantage of shooting nature is that there are rarely straight lines, so you won't have to bother much with correcting wide angle lenses.

Camomile and Poppies.

Some grain. (seriously, I'm a city kid, I have no clue)

Also, here's the same field as above, with a touch of red and slightly different processing. Leads to a totally different result. 

Almost split in half by the horizon.

Mind you, all these shots were in the early afternoon - so the light was harsh. I processed them with a lot of contrast and wanted to have them pop without getting too artificial. I think it worked alright. 

I guess I will have to find a couple more fields ;)