"Almost 3D" with Seene...

 Capture Screen.

Capture Screen.

Sometimes you find an app, install, like and forget all about it.

Exactly that happened for me with Seene. I looked at it, found it interesting and there it was on my phone, for almost a month, unused. Only this week I remembered it while talking to some photography friends.

What does it do? Use your iPhone (sorry, no Android yet) to create something beyond the classical flat snap. Here's how simple it works.

Point your phone's camera to a scene. If it is suitable it will be indicated by a lot of small yellow dots on your screen. The more dots, the better.

Capture it by shifting the perspective to all four directions: up, down, left right. Every segment shows a "green light" once you have captured it.

2 seconds later, the "Seene" is rendered and you can view it by tilting your phone. If you like it, you can save it to Seene and share it to Twitter, Facebook, Email, or copy the link to embed it to your own website.

These are my first tries roughly a month ago:

And a plant from today:

As you can see, it's far from being perfect, but it creates something unique enough to give me something to play with during the holidays.