My first Cover

by Dirk Moeller

I've been lucky enough to have been published quite regularly, due to the fact that I work closely with a publisher in Hamburg and have become one of their "go to"-photographers, which means a steady trickle of work is coming my way.

What I've been missing so far was a larger spread or even a cover. I'm not really a fashion/beauty/celebrity photographer , yet ;) , so my opportunities are limited.

I was approached prior to my "year's end" holiday in Miami and asked, whether I could shoot a couple of photos while I am there. They were needed for a Florida story in the new and relaunched "Go", a corporate magazine for the premium customers of Sixt Car Rentals.

Needless to say that I jumped on the occasion, payment was sound and Sixt was nice enough to provide a rental car for the duration of my stay at a very special rate.

My girlfriend was asked to provide "some copy" along with the photos and off we went. It seems that we did our job better than expected, because we ended up with a ten page spread and easy over 4,000 characters of copy in the magazine :)

Here are the pages:

The cover of the issue - since it was a relaunch, it was hand picked by Regine Sixt, owner of Sixt Car Rentals. 

So here it is, my first cover. I quite like it, works well in my opinion. 

What's at least as nice as the cover: two two-page spreads opening the story.

Opening Spread I

Opening Spread II - Miami Downtown

On it goes with the story itself. 

The upper right corner is not mine. I had no "typical" Miami street scenes.

Key Biscayne, Miami Design District and Everglades.

South Beach Scene and a portrait of the writer ;)

All shots are Leica M9 or Sony A7r/A7II.